27 January 2007


Three of Wilhelmina's beautiful faces are pictured below including Jacqueline who, I believe, walked for Marc by Marc Jacobs last season? Or was it aw06? Either way, she's got a great look.

I'm also loving Jessica's crisp, clean look (is anyone else sensing the Jil Sander-girl vibe?) and Kelsey's exotic yet traditional face, firey-red hair and blue eyes.

These cards look really lovely, I adore the use of the two super-imposed images, particularly when one colour and one black and white pic are used together.

Could one of these girls be a breakthrough star this season? Not long to wait and we'll know!


P.S. There's a lot of red-heads this season, isn't there? And here's me thinking red hair was "soooo five minutes ago" ... turns out I'm wrong and they're bigger than ever! I LIKE IT!!

Pics: models.com


Blogger sally said...

I've got two redheads in our upcoming (march) issue. Feelin' it!!

31 January, 2007 02:57  

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