24 January 2007


Major at Major! How kitsch. But it's true! Major have some really great faces this season! Here are some of my picks! The packaging seems very simple and quite classic, which is very Major. It's nice.

I'm loving Kacie Schiffer - what a name, eh? And the blondie, Liz Jelle, is VERY lovely! Anastasia's card looks fab. Katie Nelson's face-shape is so intriguing - it's a shape that hasn't been particularly "in vogue" (not literally) of late, but I really like it, so I hope she does well! Sandra's very dramatic - I love it! And Meghan's the shy, cool-girl!

Other Major faces to watch are Anna Korzun, Dioni Tabbers, Egle Tvirbutaite, Liis Varik, and, of course, Tiiu Kuik! They'll all be in the running for possible aw07 greatness!

I can't wait to see what happens!

Kacie Schiffer
Katie Nelson
Liz Jelle
Meghan Posusney
Sandra Gajauskaite

What do ya reckon, eh?

(pics: models.com)


Anonymous Robert Gaylord Cooper III said...

must say i agree on the jelle bit.

11 September, 2007 08:10  

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