10 January 2007


December 1993 - the smart issue - no123
February 1996 - the survival issue - no149

These are fantastic!

Pic. 1. Kate Moss' first i-D cover!
Pic. 2. Kate Moss' third i-D cover!

I love the section outlining what the December 1993 mag contains:

"'I used to be desperate for tits!' This year's modelling sensation Kate Moss tells all/ rising star Helmut Lang interviewed/ Snoop Doggy Dogg introduced/ Malcolm McLaren/ Pulp's Oxfam glam/ Tim Roth/ the return of the suit/ six new American novelists/ electronic rock'n'roll/ Spring Summer '94 catwalk report"
Pretty cool hey! Pretty iconic issue - the super before she was!

And the Feb. 96 issue? God, she looks amazing! Talk about an ICONIC cover. Wonderful. This is a VERY famous cover and I love it.

Just thought I'd post these 'cause they're so cool!

i-D Eleanor.


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