2 January 2007


Is it just me or does the number 2007 sound like a particularly avant garde, risque, out-there, futuristic number?

I'm hoping and hunching that this year will be a big one for fashion. It will also be a big one for me as it's my first out of school. Also I'm moving to Sydney and travelling overseas - yay! I can't wait. And yet I can wait because it's all very scary and daunting ...

But, anyway, back to fashion.

Oh-seven is gonna be big. Autumn/Winter 07 should be veeeeerrrrry interesting (and it's so close! My, how time flies!)

Obviously Balenciaga will be fabulous (probably the show I'm most excited for!). I'm also REALLY looking forward to Ann Demeulemeester, Chanel (bien sur), Marc Jacobs' efforts (all of them), Luella - always fabulously RTW, Lanvin and I'm very keen to see how Olivier Theyskens goes with Nina Ricci now Rochas has closed down. I am a little sad about this because his work with Rochas was so fantastic. But Hopefully he will continue so fantastically with Ricci.

I'm amped to see Miu Miu a/w o7 - she's always divine, that Miuccia, so forward. She's a leader. Also, Chloe should be interesting, as will Dior (I loved s/s 07 CD) - what will Galliano do next? Jil Sander's minimalism. Karen Walker's fantabulousness!!

French Vogue is my favourite of the Vogues by far, Carine Roitfeld is amazing and she uses fantastic stylists, photographers, etc.. I just love how it is always challenging boundaries. Hopefully this will continue in '07.

Of course, V is fab.

In Australia I'm loving Yen, Russh, Dazed & Confused Aus/NZ and Frankie!! They're using great talent and producing a great product! Rock on!

Um, also I am excited about what 2007 will bring editorial and campaign wise ... will the directors, stylists, photogrtaphers, make-up artists and hair-stylists keep pushing at those boundaries or will we see, simply, a re-working of 2006's aesthetics ... I sincerely hope the former.

I'm looking forward to seeing Melanie Huynh's work for Vogue Paris and also local stylists such as Imogene Barron who works with Yen and Dazed & Confused Aus/NZ.

Photography-wise I'm really liking young Jonathan Beck Leder's work and, of course I can't wait to see what hugely renowned photographers like Meisl, Richardson, Weber and Demarchelier come up with. I'm particularly keen to see who Meisl photographs this year.

Model-wise, I'm very interested to see what happens to those girls from Supreme who did supremely well in '06, i.e. Johanna, Suvi, Alyona, Alana, Hanne, Cecilia, Behati, Daiane, etc.. Inevitably they can't ALL succeed in '07. My bets are on Suvi and Daiane for possible star stars, but they've all got a great chance. It'll probably just be a matter of luck.

Otherwise, I'm really interested to see how Irina Lazareanu goes - I think she might be an icon-in-the-making. I'm always watching Gemma. And I love Freja - I think she's on her way to supermodeldom. Coco should do well, as well. I could go on for days about models, really.

Anyway, that's about it for my ramblings. Hope everyone had a great NYE - I know I did!


Love, Eleanor. --->


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with it all. Though my bet for big models will be the short-haired girls: Cecilia and Alice Gibb ...::heart:::...

03 January, 2007 03:42  
Blogger eurobrat said...

All the best in 2007...

Gorgeous pic.

Bisous xx

08 January, 2007 23:52  

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