21 December 2006

Karl Lagerfeld s/s 07

I've just recently re-looked at this collection and it's SO fab. What better reason to make a post about it? I love it's consistency more than anything. Lagerfeld is a god!

Natasha - I really like the double-tiering of this dress and what a stunning colour!! It's much less Chanelish than other long dresses in this collection. Love that there's still that lace hosiery!
Bruna - this reminds me of Balenciaga s/s 06. I really love this blouse, especially how it links in so nicely with some of the previous dresses.
Eugenia - Again, a fabulous collar - chanelling, I think, 19th century menswear? Anyway, I love the way Lagerfeld has kept that basic dress shape but mixed and changed around all the details, i.e., sleeves, collar, waist. It allows the collection to have a real sense of structure without becoming monotonous.
Sasha - This is a cool skirt and blouse combo. The sheer blouse is so soft and delicate but the skirt is rather course and stiff-looking. A nice contrast and a beautiful waist-line!
Agyness - this collar is to die for!!! Need I say more?
Denisa - a great dress and jacket ensemble. That bolero/capelet is smashing! Nice colour too ... bit of a grey theme this season ... the white tights add an innocent touch.
Du - Again a fabulous dress. The sleeves are great - very 80's, no? And I LOVE the lace stocking on the arms!! I'm thinking Madonna with more class!
Jeisa - Wow. I love this styling! It's such a shambles but it's fabulous! I love it how it's just subtly different to regular styling with similar garments, e.g., waist-belt with hipster pants, stockings and midriff showing! I LIKE IT!!
Tanya - Cutest beach dress ever! Yet oh-so stylish ... I'm loving that one, random, button. Fab.
Solange - I really like this skirt. 90's reminiscent! Plus I love how Lagerfeld's kept to a strict colour-pallette! Best!
Tasha - rock 'n' roll! This kinda reminds me of a similar dress in black that appeared at Chanel ss07 ... It's a bit edgier, though and I love the collar!! It's sort of like a starched business collar! Contrast! Plus the split-trio: collar, capped sleeves, and dress-line - creates a link. Nice.
Snejana - This is such a cool dress. I think I may have even posted it before in the mini-dress post. I love the colour and the detailing! Navy looks awesome with the black tights! N.B.: I love the consistency in these dresses - all with that slightly layered effect and with that little tab-tie thing ...
Iekeliene - this is super smart and I love the almost militaristic vibe which comes via the capped sleeves, navy panels on shoulder-tops and the colours. I also love the fact the lace-stocking motif is being carried right through to the pant and flat-shoe ensembles.

pics: style.com


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like how this line looks and think the lace add a nice touch to everything....


24 December, 2006 03:26  

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