7 December 2006

FEATURED BAND: Young and Restless

What they say about themselves:

"We are young and restless. We found each other in April, 2005. We play noisy, repetitive party music. We like to keep it simple. We have played with many good bands such as Die! Die! Die!, Damn Arms, The Suicide Girls and more. We like to play fast. We just play. We don't think about influences or messages. Put us on at a party. We promise it will riot."

The band consists of: Karina Utomo, Ash Pegram, Mark Falkland, Ross Paxman, Nugie Utomo and they are managed by Jerry Soer.

They cite their influences as being: "Distortion, noise of guitar-sexx, heavy metal, sweet riffage, pounding pounding techno music and the devil."

Accordint to Y & R, they sound like: "Metal riffs dragged through the remains of a dance carcass."

Their European label is Brikabrak. They don't have one in Australia or America.

They're originally from Canberra, ACT, but have moved to Melbourne, Vic.

They played at the massive all-Australian music festival called Homebake on December 2! This is major, kids!


Here's some Homebake pics ...

How cool is this hat!?!?
My voice-box is sore ...

If you want more info or wanna hear their songs go to: www.youngandrestless.org OR http://www.triplejunearthed.com/Artists/View.aspx?artistid=478



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