4 December 2006

MODEL ALERT: Lisa Seeley

News flash! Supreme has uncovered the lovely Lisa Seeley! A blonde haired, blue eyed gal who stands a whopping 5'11.5"!

If you go to my post about the Supreme polaroids you will see a very lovely one of this girl, along with many other Supreme-girls. She's lovely.

Check out this girls pegs. Stun-ning.

I'm very curious to see what comes about for this one, she has a very original look and a certain newity and difference which is nice.

STATS: 31-25-35


*Photographer: Jonathan Beck Leder

Will this girl get booked in all the right places or will she fade into obscurity? Let's wait and see ...

Ps, I hope the former, she seems cool.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

she is very lovely, i so love tall girls....and this is my first time reading your blog, i like it and i will back for sure :)


24 December, 2006 02:56  

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