21 November 2006


Murray - I hate these shoes (they're too fat!) but I love the grey! The black tie tops it off and he looks really funky! (Only grey suit in our whole Year, by the way).
Toby - a stand-out. Lovely blue. Very "trendy". These shoes are Gen-u-ine bowling shoes (he bought them for $1 at an op-shop). Toby's a fashionisto!
Danny - I love this. All black. So tony how he has no tie on but his shirt is done all the way up! (And it has a collar!) His red flower thingy matches his partner's dress! How schweet? This is really nice. I'm digging the subtle styling-clown-vibe.
Joshua - I love this!! This lad is such a fashion guru, and he doesn't even know it! What's the bet he just threw this outfit together, and how awesome does it look? Yellow shirt with orange tie? Grey jacket with black pants? BROWN shoes? How rad!!
Daniel M - now this is a white suit that I actually like, it looks great with his skin and the subtle gold detailing is really beautiful.
Clinton - classic, anyone? Yeah, I'm a fan.
Daniel H- there's always one (that is, a Chuck Taylor-wearer at an event that would normally be inappropriate for such casual footwear). He pulls it off reasonably well - I'm sensing late 90s grunge ...
Duncan - gets my award for most innovatively dressed. He's a champion! (A Scottish one)
James - not a fan of white suits, but I love these shoes!
Rowan - I like the waistcoat!
Jackson - the brown suit! He looks great. I love these shoes too!
Ben - a devoted Manson fan, Marilyn, that is.

I had my Year 12 formal last night. Some of the gents' fashion-highlights of the night are here ...


Blogger discothequechic said...

well in my opinion Murray and Laura look fantastic.

Murray looks like he stepped striaght out of We Are Scientists!

and Laura looks really individual.

S xx

27 November, 2006 20:43  

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