18 November 2006


OK. Get ready for it. This is radical-innovation. The current V magazine has a feature of 13 Supreme Model Management girls. The story is aptly-named, "Supreme World". This title is by no means an over-statement as modelling lately has been a bit of a Supreme-focused World. The thirteen girls are all uber-cool, uber-unique and uber-now.

They are: Rachel Alexander, Anna Barsukova, Daiane Conterato, Martina Correa, Caroline Demarqui, Suvi Koponen, Cecilia Mendez, Amber Milam, Alyona Osmanova, Behati Prinsloo, Johanna Stickland, Heidi Verster and Alana Zimmer.

This is about 43% of the whole Supreme board - how massive is that?! Clearly this boutique-agency is here to stay.

I think this is the start of a revolution in the model casting world. One agency has (somehow) managed to get 13 of it's girls into a mag like V (i.e. a very major fashion mag), all in the one editorial and photographed by their very own director, Paul Rowland. How new is that? How now is that?

This is evolution. Revolution. Now it is not just a model's physicality and personality that creates her image but the physicality and personality projected by her agency.

Supreme has fostered the "Supreme" woman. That is, this amazingly cool, shatteringly unique creature who is oh-so distinctive in our world of monotony.

This Supreme woman (or girl, as most of them are) is part of an intrinsic dichotomy: she is unique, beautiful, an amazing model and has an amazing super-agency (who have a near-monopoly on the new and cool stakes), but there is always that incling in the back of one's mind ... could she have done it without Supreme?

Supreme isn't just a modelling agency, Supreme is an idea, a way of life, a unique creature in itself.

Location: Pier 59
Models: (l to r) Top row: Daiane, Anna, Rachel, Johanna, Rachel, Alana, Amber, Suvi. Middle row: Alana, Rachel, Caroline, Johanna, Cecilia, Anna, Johanna. Second middle row: Amber, Martina, Daiane, Martina, Alyona, Amber, Martina, Suvi. Bottom row: Behati, Behati, Johanna, Daiane, Behati, Alana, Cecilia, Behati, Alyona

Location: the freight elevator at Supreme - the elevator operator decorated the inside with cuttings and waste from the Women art department. He retired to Puerto Rico, so it hasn’t been decorated since then.
Models: (l to r) Top row: Daiane, Cecilia, Suvi, Suvi, Alyona. Bottom row: Cecilia, Johanna, Suvi, Johanna, Daiane.

Location: Central Park
Models: (l to r) Top row: Suvi, Daiane, Johanna, Suvi, Rachel, Suvi. Middle row: Daiane, Rachel, Rachel, Suvi, Heidi. Bottom row: Rachel, Suvi, Heidi, Daiane, Johanna.

Erm, magnificence, anyone?


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