12 November 2006

Jil Sander s/s 07

Anna M - SUIT! A fabulous one.
Anna B - pink! :) So pretty, yet so classy/stylish!
Diana - this shirt is so bright! The light-heartedness contrasts so well with it's rigid structure!!
Mariya - this hangs perfectly, the bottom is stunning
Vlada - One of Sander's LBDs - class.
Ana - it's almost priest-like! Um, did someone say classy?

Minimalism at its best! The colours and lines are amazing at Sander. I love the way the colour hits you! It is oh-so bright! The lines are strict, the changes between colours are harsh. There is no pussy-footing around in this collection. That's what makes it so great - and so classy. I'm thinking the 80s power without the 80s ... v. cool.
(pics: style.com)


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