12 November 2006

Christopher Kane s/s 07

Daiane - these colours are yummy.
Alana - spanish/bondage! what a fabulous mix! This is awesome.
Vlada - patchwork, anyone? Kane has created such an eclectic mix of ideas in this collection but they work so well! I also love these shoes.
Kim - these boots are tony! I love the contrast between lace/satin and the harsh black.
Ana - this necklace is extremely pretty and I love the collar on this dress - almost suit-like, no?

Wow!!!!! Fluro!!! Tight-fitting! Mini! SO cool, CK! Kane has done such an awesome job in creating a collection which is DIFFERENT! It is refreshing, fun, and sophisticated - a hard mix. The out-there-ness of the clothes has been juxtaposed well with simple hair and make up as well as beautiful shoes! Kane is going places, fast. It's also cool as that the whole collection is based on one basic frame - the mini dress - but that it doesn't get boring AT ALL!!!
(Pics: style.com)


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