12 November 2006

What is raddest right now?

This blog is pretty self-explanitory.

It's a collection of fashion/models/music/art/literature/shows/news/ideas/thoughts/opinions/photographs and lots more things which are rad (right now).

Please feel free to comment me about blogs or suggest rad things which I should add to this blog.

My email is eleanorweber1[AT]hotmail[DOT]com if you have ANYTHING which you think could be relevant to this blog. Even if it is a plug for something you're involved with, give me a bell, I'm more than likely going to be happy to post! :)

Anyway, enough rambling!

Enjoy the radness!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

so tell me are friends doing modeling? there cute!,and do you have a myspace by chance?


24 December, 2006 03:49  

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