12 November 2006

Christian Dior s/s 07

Tanya - isn't this just beautiful?
May - these shoes are magic.
Kim - is that seamless? It looks like snow.
Daiane - we learn cut-outs are NOT just for swimmers and that subtle bubble-skirts are best
Johanna - you've got to adore those shoulders! I'm thinking armour!
Denisa - colour!! Cut!! Detail!! :O Rad.
Sasha - the texture and cut!
Melody - nice pants and I want these shoes.

The thing that most intrigues me about this collection is the lack of colour but the huge amount of effort that's gone into the cut, structure, texture and details. It is really quite lovely. It's amazingly conservative for John Galliano but this just proves how talented he is. The shoes are fantastic, although I do pity the models having to walk in them. The hair and make-up is my favourite of the whole season - it is so flattering! Seemingly the Agyness/Cecilia crops are the muses for the top coiffeurs at Dior! Right on. (pics: style.com)


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