16 November 2006

Proenza Schouler s/s 07

Tanya - LBD: a must. This one is ver caj-looking here but if it was teamed with different shoes (open stilletos, say) it would be MUCH more dressy. Looks v. comfy. Nice.
Freja - Laid-back but sexy. That singlet could be worn with anything! These pants are a rad take on the skinny-leg phenomenon. Love the fact the socks are ever-present! Tres cool.
Jessica - how radical is this? Sparkles, sequins, colours - all on a nighty black background. It's chic without being bland. I'm loving this sleeve-length.
Bette - geometrics have made a huge splash this season. This shift is very versatile, with interesting colours.
Irina - I LOVE THIS JACKET! The colour and collar are rad. Great styling here, too. V. wearable.
Natasha - rocky. Love the colours. This jacket is so awesome!! PLUS, sheer socks WITH pants ... innovation?
Ekaterina - The waisted skirt, open shoes and chic glasses make it oh-so styley whilst remaining fun!
Agyness - a double whammy on the patterns. This is fun and summery. Great top and shoes!
Alana - This is deceptively simple. The yellow makes it fun. Notice how the yellow straps are actually laced through the beigey colour of the dress.
Daiane - this is so fab. Great summer shorts, with a superfine, stripy, long sleeved blouse! Why not? This is a beautiful collar, too. I would wear this fo' sho'!
Iekeliene - very prim and proper, but the black is rocker. Liking the sheer socks too.
Hye - Am I thinking 90s? I love the uber-tight skirt and loose jacket combo. Hat is cute too. Interesting colours

This collection is slightly random. But in a good way. The predominant colours - steely greys, beiges, blues and greens - are often composed in challenging ways. We're shown, in addition, outfits with colourful pastels in brash patterns - which are often teamed with other patterns. Then we have the bright-on-black idea which is reasonably evident. So this collection, colour-wise, is very broad. Yet the main aesthetic is comparatively simple - straight skirts, no-fuss tees and blouses, tailored jackets and short, A-line skirts. A very interesting collection - food for though, indeed.

All pics: style.com


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