16 November 2006

Prada s/s 07

Suvi - I love this top: texture, detail, colour! Very, very cool.
Vlada - touches of shiffon create interest in this collection. It's very diverse. And notice the similarities between this and the cow-girl dress ... linkage.
Jessica - LENGTH! Wow. It's like she's reinvented the wheel. This hangs beautifully.
Bette - evening wear? Class. Class. Class. The dress is incredibly stylish and the way Prada's made it her own by that tiny splash of maroon and the patterned turban is awesome. Shoes = fab with this.
Freja - love the 40s-style waist, with the belt below the top of the skirt. Love the fact this skirt is SO not 40s - it takes mini to a new level! Cute singlet.
Elise - how interesting is this? A bubble-top, high rise panties, a satin head-piece and FABULOUS black sandals. Plus that staple - the leather waist-belt. Genius styling.
Dasha - a fascinating mix of cowgirl, 60s mod, and regal-carpet. Still with the turban. And the red on the accessories adds depth. One fab outfit.
Suvi - a slightly more inhibited cowgirl. Love it how Miuccia is playing with length.
Tanya - so much more than a brown sack. Read: neck-line, shoulders, sleeves. <--subtle details.
Sasha - cowgirl, anyone? A massive contrast to the stylistic satin of the majority of this collection - but she's still got the turban. The navy/black combo has been replaced with the brown/black one ... interesting.
Vlada - a semi-oriental print in ORANGE! In contrast to Miu Miu, the Prada collection has incorporated a broader range of colours.
Bette - isn't that navy lovely? I love the fact the sleeves are as long as the dress. It's leg-exposure but arm imposure (?). How grand.
Alyona - is that a Prada back-pack? The satin is cut beautifully and this top/dress has lovely subtle sleeve-puffs. Beautiful colours too.

I'm digging the turban, all right! So chic. So now. We're presented with uber-mini but then we get these other very various lengths - knee, low-shin, high-shin! Another breath of fresh air! The minis are tres risque, but apparently Prada has said the majority of the mini-length items are meant to be teamed with a skirt or slacks. How cool is that? Miuccia is making the most of the fact her models have legs to die for. Woot. The colours here aren't disimilar to Miu Miu so we can see where Prada's head was at whilst designing s/s 07. But, we get a much broader range of colours and shades here. The main difference is Prada is less structured, and has a little more of a feminine aesthetic than Miu Miu. This is a beautiful collection!

Pic credit: style.com


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