26 November 2006

Balenciaga a/w 06

Milana - Lovely. The pink sits like a shawl but it's part of the dress! This is like a new take on the boob-tube dress. Minus the tacky-ness!
Daria - this jacket is fabulous! SO RTW! It is extremely marketable, no? i.e., it's got that same thematic-shape as the collection proper but it's a cute, subtle jacket! FAB!
Caroline - This is just lovely. This dress falls perfectly! Those little capped sleeves remind me of Balenciaga s/s 07 for some reason ... interesting.
Irina - pretty in pink! Again that predominant shape is ever-present! An adaptation on the riding-helmet (this one's got a little cap). Notice the under-arm seams have been raised.
Ana - this is very interesting. Such a different shape to the majority of dresses in this collection. Very sleek, straight up and down. I like it. Beautiful boat-neck!
Hye - One word: WOW. Three more: VOLUME, volume, volume! And one last note: beautiful fabric, maintained that sleeve shape and length as well as the sleek black legs. Innovation, no?
Freja - a white helmet! These shoes are stunning. Notice how the arm and sleeve line as well as the cut of this blouse is very similar to the jacket/dress styles which opened the show. I like that linkage.
Coco - this jumper is a fabulous knit and it looks so homely with the large check of the skirt and the narrow belt. Yet, the punky shoes and tights (and Coco's rockstar attitude) make this so youthful and fresh! I'm loving.
Gemma - This is such a cute dress! It combines a kitcsh sort of sailor-girl (almost manga-ish) with a very rigid fabric and structured neck-line. Coooool as!
Lisa - it's like snow!!! Ghesquiere is maintaining that short, wide-armed look with all accessories black. This styling makes the jacket/dress the feature - which is fabulous! Also, notice the extremely low under-arm space. The seams are as low as her waist. This is very nice and new!
Jeisa - Rock on the check!!! Love it! Punky. The shoulder and neck lines of this dress/jacket are beautiful. I love the chunky, short-armed aesthetic. It creates a beautiful contrast to her long, slender licorice-legs!
OK, I know this is a season old but it's bloody fantastic!!! INNOVATION!!! I love the general sense of volume and substance about the collection. The colours are intriguing, mainly plain but then with dashes of bright pink or blue. The pitch-black legs and shoes compliment the big jacket/dresses and skirts perfectly and the helmat/hats add quirk to this structured collection. Ghesquiere proves again he is the master of innovation!
Ps, I want these shoes!

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Anonymous daria said...

what can i say?
Love it!

27 November, 2006 12:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andre Leon Talley can pull that silver cape off like no one else

27 November, 2006 23:12  

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