21 November 2006


Kara - the only girl in flatties! She looked cute as. The b & w dress is simple and effective. Flattering. Nice pegs, by the way.
Veneshri - WOW. I am speechless, she looked soooo beautiful! This colour! The make-up! It was just awesome!!! I give her 10000 marks for originality too! Boo-T-Full!
Cassie - this looked so lovely. The colours are pretty and there's a real sense of fun about it! She had this cool butterfly painted on her back (the dress has a REALLY low cut back). Her headband mached the dress! Cute as they come. Almost kitsch but not OTT.
Nikki - this colour is to die for! And she looked stunning! The back of this dress was beautiful. She fitted it really well and chose simple jewellery which worked really well with this show-stealing number. So pretty. Check how it hangs - nice, huh?
Ginger - her sister designed and made this dress (the label is "Free & Bonnie", and yes they are her sisters' names. Awesome, huh?) It is very sorta Spanish but also kinda beachy which really fits with Ginger! The sleeves and back-line were fab on this dress! She looked amazing.
Eliza S - she designed and made this dress herself! It is so cool, flattering and fun! She accessorised it really well, and just looked really lovely. Great colour, original and comfy-looking! Go girl!
Eleanor - in Bettina Liano. OK, this' me so it's kinds embarassing talking about it. But, I had the shortest dress by far! Ps, the black bolero came off for dancing ... woot woo!
Laura - this photo doesn't do her justice. She looked just stunning! She really pulled off the soft, creamy white of this number and it sat perfectly on her.
Susannah - in Morissey. This was out-there for all the right reasons! The colours are stunning with her skin and it falls very nicely on her. Simple cut, outrageous colours - I love it. This dress isn't called the Hendrix for nothing.
Eliza C - I love this skirt! It looked so awesome under the UV lights!! Also, it was the only dress of the night that had any significant volume! It's simple, yet out-there.

I had my Year 12 formal last night, which was super-fun. Here are some of the fashion highlights in the ladies department.


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