28 November 2006

School formal candids

Everyone loves an excuse to get dressed up and take lots of pictures!

I used my school formal as an excuse to get some great/interesting/funny candids. The ones with the asterixes (*) weren't taken by me. Check out some of the self-styling of some of these kids. Not bad, eh?

Ben, Toby, Bryce, Bryn - I told them to act natural.

Waiting ...

Eliza, Jess - STRUT!

Shock! Horror!

Veneshri, Cassie - run!

Rachel - glimpsed between two lads ...

A mixture of shades/tones/hues and a stunned lad ... I like it!

Duncan, Ben - contrast and brotherly love!

Ashleigh, Eliza, Bianca - 3 girls, 3 colours

Eleanor, Jamie - Blue eyes, I think ... and a nice arm.

Eleanor, Jamie, Susannah - humorous antics!! Ah, the laughs!

White light ..

*Eleanor, Jamie, Rachel, Daena - pretty colours, happy times.

A creative composition!

*Action shot ... !


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