11 December 2006

Odd one out.

Men's Polo Ralph Lauren shirt, maroon scarf, men's brown leather brogues, brown leather overnighter, white cotton socks
Vintage men's Jasper by Simon Kessel blue cotton sailor shirt, black Target leggings, black velvet beret from Paris flea markets, white cotton socks, black leather Baxter boots, striped cotton Yachting bag, vintage black lensless spectacles
Vintage men's grey tweed trousers, brown leather men's brogues, men's vintage brown snakeskin belt, white cotton Free People blouse, salmon-pink cotton scarf, maroon and black leather handbag, Lorus watch
Manon: White cotton American Apparel tee, vintage navy Country Road pants, vintage suede black leather stilettos, vintage silk Christian Dior tie, black leather gloves, navy leather pouch-bag, pink and white wool tea-cosie (worn as beanie).
Louise: Vintage navy men's pants, vintage "Adventure Bay Bruny Island" pink tee, white legwarmers from Tokyo (on arms), maroon cotton scarf (on head), striped cotton Yachting bag, brown leather men's brogues
Men's Lee jeans, vintage "Zimbabwe" tee, Mum's flanalette shirt, black leather Baxter boots, Legoland, Danmark backpack, red "Danmark" solar-powered fan-hat
Vintage khaki wool balaclava, vintage Christian Dior silk tie, vintage salmon-pink woollen jumper, vintage cotton men's Wrangler shorts, white cotton socks, vintage brown leather bag, vintage brown leather belt
Vintage men's brown jodhpurs, white cotton socks, brown leather men's brogues, vintage Beaucaire beige cotton men's shirt, white cotton American Apparel tee, maroon and black leather hand-bag that was my Nan's
Vintage beige Chevalier jodhpurs, vintage Sussan patterned wool jumper, cotton salmon scarf, vintage maroon leather heels, vintage brown leather bag
Louise: Boomps! men's vintage jeans, white cotton socks, men's brown leather brogues, white cotton American Apparel tee, altered Obvious denim vest, vintage brown leather Oroton bag, vintage men's brown wool fingerless gloves.
Manon: Black Lee Supatube jeans, black leather Baxter boots, black leather belt from Bondi Markets, white Bonds undies, black Bonds singlet, black silk neck tie, black and white silk jacket by Beverlie, Ray Ban Wayfarers, black leather gloves
Teal wool jumper my Gran knitted me, vintage maroon cotton scarf, men's vintage brown leather brogues, vintage men's cotton Wrangler shorts, white cotton socks
Vintage Triple J t-shirt, vintage Faberge yellow cotton pants, pink woollen tea-cosie (worn as beanie), white cotton socks, model's own shoes
Vintage George Gross silk blouse, vintage men's Boomps! jeans, vintage black leather Baxter boots
Vintage Opera Australia "Bravo!" jumper, black Target leggings, white leg warmers from Tokyo, vintage cotton Yachting bag, Rusty head-band

Vintage bone-coloured men's shirt, vintage men's cotton Wrangler shorts, vintage black leather Baxter boots, Ray Ban Wayfarers, white cotton socks, my Mum's black and bone straw hat

This story is a bit of a shambles, so I changed the name to "Odd one out." I hope you can appreciate some of the pics and/or looks.

Any comments, feedback, etc. would be very much appreciated.

Fashion/Photography: Eleanor Weber

Models: Louise Eddie and Manon

I'll probably post some more later.



Anonymous Bojana said...

This is great, good job!

17 December, 2006 09:58  

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