23 January 2007


Classic Next packaging.

They've got some great new faces, but Next's real winners are their tried 'n' true faces that have had massive career-length success or simply lots of success last season. These success cases include: Anja Rubik, Anna M., Magdalena, Marcelina and Solange ... these five are definitely worth watching in a(f)w07.

There's a whole heap of Aussies in Next's package this season, which is great! We've got: Alexandra A., Amy F., Aurelia, Catherine McNeil and Miranda Kerr. I'm super-stoked for these Aussies. I REALLY hope they nab some blue-chip shows ... let's wait and see ...

ANYWHO! These are my Next picks (Kasia K.'s my pick for a possible a(f)w07 star, she's fab!):

Alexandra A.
Anna M.
Kasia K.
(All pics MDC)

Tell me what you reckon!

Pics: models.com


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there no Elyse Taylor this season?

25 January, 2007 02:08  
Blogger Eleanor said...

Yeah, apparently no Elyse ... We'll have to wait and see, though.

:) -Eleanor

25 January, 2007 08:50  

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