10 January 2007


V #45 is in-stores January 15.

That's this Monday, kids!

I love V superly so I am lots excited.

A friend of mine sent me some previews and aren't they just fab?! Yes. They. Are.

I cant wait to see who nabbed the coverage.

Here's the pics:

Suvi Koponen (Supreme) wearing Dior (I'm guessing) and a VERY cool hat!

Girl on left: Sofi Berelidze ( Supreme) Go Sofi!!! Girl in middle: Amber Milam (Supreme). Girl on right: Giedre (Viva). And two very attractive boys called ... ?P.S. Who said androgyny was dead?

Edda (Supreme) - I'm so happy to see her in V, this is a marvelous shot!

Alyona Osmanova (Supreme), Iekeliene Stange (Marilyn) and a very handsome boy called Patrick Riley (Request)

Alana Zimmer (Supreme) and Mariya Markina (Women) - I love this make-up.

Alana Zimmer (Supreme) - what did I tell you? See my December 30 post to find out, 'cause I don't remember ...

Soooooo .... what do ya think?! Pretty cool, huh!?

Suuuuuuuuupreeeeeeeeeemeeee! REPRESENT!

P.S. I heart Iekeliene!!!!!!! (I <3 I.S.)


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