13 February 2008

Suzy Menkes!

Went to the Todd Lynn show this evening. Saw Suzy Menkes in person for the first time! I was totally star-struck! Stuff all the silly fashion wannabes posing and pounting and pretending to be painfully poignant, it seems like they don't even care about fashion, just getting their piccy taken and being seen.

Menkes is amazing for so many much better reasons, in my book. Her writing is fabulous and I respect her so much: longevity, quality, consistency and honesty. What a legacy. Hats off to the quiff, too! I was too scared to introduce myself (it would've been a bit presumptuous, I think), but it was super cool to see her!!

Here's a link to her latest stuff for International Herald Tribune:




Blogger MissJ said...

Anna Who? Suzy Menkes is hands down my favorite editrix. She's honest and intuitive without being pretentious or bitchy and her knowledge of fashion is sick. Love her. I was considering camping out LFW to catch a glimpse of her...pass her my CV too!

13 February, 2008 14:17  

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