5 September 2014

un Magazine 8.1

The latest issue of Australian art magazine un launched in Melbourne on 6 August 2014 at Gerturde Contemporary.

I contributed a redacted version of a text written for GOB festival earlier this year in Sydney, it was accompanied by an introduction by artist Benjamin Forster (co-editor of un volume 8 with curator Robert Cook).

The editorial of this experimental issue of un placed two strict parameters on its contributors: no images and no proper nouns. In my text, titled 'None of this is', all proper nouns were 'blacked' out - censored, if you will. Click on the picture below for a preview.

Author names are listed separately in the centre pages of the staple-spined magazine, accompanied by a list of the removed proper nouns, if relevant. The opening words of each of the contributions are listed on the back cover as a contents list with no author names. In addition, this issue of the magazine evades reading conventions in terms of page-order and orientation.

This changes everything, from how we must hold the magazine and flick through it, to the idea of texts as linear compositions. In fact, the editors actually encourage us to physically take the whole thing apart! With text colour and formatting altering throughout, and no images to distract from the wordliness of writing, the result of un 8.1 is a unique reading experience. Props to editors Cook and Forster for following through with what must have ruffled some die-hard feathers, and to designer Brad Haylock for making it work!

Contributors include: Uri Auerbach & David Hollier, Elizabeth Chang, Sean Dockray, Anna Dunhill, George Egerton-Warburton, David Finnigan, Laura Hindmarsh, Adam Jasper, Kym Lenoble, Aodhan Madden & Nicolas Mejia, Elizabeth Pearce & David Walsh, John Pagnozzi, Isobel Parker Philip, Simon Pericich, Bree Richards, Megan Robson, Kailana Sommer, Eloise Sweetman, Té (Andrew Brooks & Kynan Tan), Linda Marie Walker, Gemma Watson, Malcolm Whittaker.

Un is available for FREE in arts organisations throughout Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Darwin), as well as internationally (Leipzig, Hong Kong, Christchurch, New York City, Berlin, Los Angeles and Paris).

See unprojects.org.au for more infos - or get your hands on a copy!


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