17 July 2014

Classic Friendship Podcast #6

Very happily, I was invited by Rózsa Farkas to contribute to her guest curated episode of Classic Friendship podcast.

Episode #6 is titled 'The One With The Anger' and launched on Monday 7 July 2014. This episode comprises contributions from Huw Lemmey, Georgina Miller, Jaakko Pallasvuo and Vicki Tingle, plus Rózsa as host and musical excerpts by Nkisi (Melika Ngombe Kolongo).

There is also an accompanying PDF zine that Rózsa has produced using handwriting from her own notes and some quotes from my text. This can be downloaded by clicking here:

CF Ep06 The One With The Anger by Rózsa Farkas.pdf

Earlier this year, Rózsa curated the exhibition The Angry Show (which, incidentally, included a work by Melika Ngombe Kolongo, with Daniella Russo) at 55 Sydenham Rd Marrickville NSW 2204 AU. This show and the present podcast, amongst other productions, form part of an ongoing research into affect and anger that Rózsa has been undertaking. My contribution to the podcast is a re-performance of a text I wrote and performed in March 2014 for GOB festival, which I wrote about on this blog in May.

Lots of nice overlaps and replays; thanks so much to Rózsa for inviting me. Please take the time to have a listen, the podcast can be streamed and downloaded via the CF SoundCloud:


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