28 May 2014

Alicia Frankovich: Today This Technique Is the Other Way Around - catalogue launch and video screening

A book project I have been involved with is launching in Berlin this Thursday evening, 29 May 2014. Artist Alicia Frankovich's solo exhibition 'Today this Technique is the Other Way Around' was held at Kunstverein Hildesheim from 19 October through 1 December 2013 and this is the corresponding publication. Infos below:

Kunstverein Hildesheim, Argo Books and KuLe Theater are excited to invite you to the launch of Alicia Frankovich's Today This Technique Is the Other Way Around.

KuLe Theater
Auguststraße 10, Berlin

Thursday 29 May 2014

KuLe Theater is located on Auguststraße 10 in Mitte (opposite KW and near corner Tucholskystraße): map!

The catalogue will be available on site, and there will be two screenings of Frankovich's 20 minute video Today This Technique Is The Other Way Around (2013). The catalogue is published by Kunsverein Hildesheim and Argo Books, is 48 pages in colour, and includes texts by Kathrin Meyer and Eleanor Ivory Weber.

For those in Berlin, go to KuLe on Thursday!

Facebook event>>>

EDIT: ISBN 978-3-942700-55-9, preis: 12€ !


Auckland - Parsons Library Supply (books@parsons.co.nz), Auckland City Art Gallery
Melbourne - World Food Books
Berlin - Do you read me?, Archive Books
Hildesheim - Kunstverein Hildesheim

EDIT: You can read online here:



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