17 May 2014

GOB fest 2014

A couple of months ago I participated in a mini-festival called GOB, organised by Sydney artist and musician Matthew Philip Hopkins and held at 55 Sydenham Rd Marrickville NSW 2204 AU over two nights, 7-8 March 2014.

As Hopkins described it:

'GOB brings together a number of artists working with voice for two evenings of live performances. These artists will present works that draw from areas such as sound poetry, performative and theatrical actions, text/sound composition, and experimental music.

These works will examine the intrinsic relationship voice has with meaning, and clear communicative speech, considering ways in which this relationship can be deformed, mutated, and rendered unstable through various modes of performance.'

The artists involved were:

Friday 7 March-
Gob Choir (Lucy Phelan, Mary MacDougall, Jonathan Hochman, Matthew Hopkins, Anna John, Emma Ramsay)
Brian Fuata
Emma Ramsay
Exotic Dog

Saturday 8 March-
Eleanor Weber
Shane Haseman
Nik Kamvissis
Hard Hat
(Peter Blamey & Kusum Normoyle)

Watch excerpts from the performances here:

GOB - excerpts (Brian Fuata / Hard Hat / Eleanor Weber / Shane Haseman) from 55.

Dinner and drinks were served each night during intermission, courtesy of Lucy Phelan; post-performance party DJing courtesy of Lucy Cliche.

For these events, Matthew Hopkins also created the GOB sampler, an 8 track, 31 minute CD-R of audio works from those who performed. This was available at the show for a measly sum, and there are some still available! If you are interested in this recording, email Matthew to arrange receiving either the CD-R or digital files: matthewphiliphopkins[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Thanks so much to MPH for inviting me to be involved and to all the artists and everyone who came for making it such a swell event!


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