4 June 2014

Daphne - a record of a year through affection

Daphne is a record of a year (2013) through affection, edited by Catherine Borra.

Daphne includes texts by twelve contributors, each focused on one art work. These are:

Pio Abad on Adrian Wong

Catherine Borra on Lindsay Seers

Marina Doritis on Sharon Hayes

David Ferrando on Naheed Raza/Ed Atkins

Elea Himmelsbach on Merce Cunningham

Nicoletta Lambertucci on Enrico Baj

Adeena Mey on Stephen Prina

Emma Ines Panza on Curandi Katz

Sophie Risner on Laure Prouvost

Davide Savorani on Richard Mosse

Veronica Valentini on Beatriz Preciado

Eleanor Ivory Weber on Soda_Jerk

Daphne was published in 2014 by La Grande Fuite and designed by Woodoo Studio, Bergamo.

You can read the online version below on issuu, or enquire within to get hold of a hard copy.

Thanks a bunch to Catherine for inviting me to contribute and to Soda_Jerk for their beautiful work and support.


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