23 August 2014

Centre for Style @ Mathew, Berlin

Just one week left to catch Centre for Style (CfS) at Mathew gallery in Berlin!

'Bouvier's Bedroom: Centre for Style Highlights at Mathew' opened Thursday 14 August and runs through Friday 29 August 2014. The gallery is open Wednesday to Saturday, 13-18h. As the press release describes:

'Bouvier's Bedroom is the dilapidated walk-in wardrobe of a fictional aged socialite. Centre for Style (Highlights) presents a selection of new works by eight designers, renovating Mathew into the forgotten change-room of Ms. Bouvier.'

This must-see show, curated by CfS/Matthew Linde, features work by:

Eckhaus Latta
H.B. Peace
Jessie Kiely
Laura Fanning
Martine Rose
Nhu Duong
Rare Candy
+ a work by Thomas Jeppe as part of the CfS 'Vogue Living' display

In addition, there was an opening night performance by Anna-Sophie Berger with Matthew Linde

The show is a fabulous array of collaborative experimental fashion practices displayed as a quasi-lounge-bedroom, like a bomb hit it, room. Flashbacks from the '90s and some of your grandmother's glassware with d├ęcor to match a middle-class aspirational fake-gold, almost-there patio terrace. Comfortable, slightly awkward, borderline precious. It's a wonderful taste of Melbourne's epic Centre for Style, in Berlin.

Go there, Madam.


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