7 August 2014

Journal de l’Université d’été de la Bibliothèque Kandinsky

I contributed to a journal edited by participants of the Université d'été held from 2-10 July 2014 at the Centre Pompidou, Paris. The publication is available for free in the exhibition 'Magiciens de la terre, retour sur une exposition légendaire' (curated by Stéphanie Rivoire et Didier Schulmann), on now through 15 September 2014 at the Pompidou.

The Université d'été was open to doctoral and post-doctoral students as well as independent curators, who were invited to revisit the 1989 exhibition 'Magiciens de la terre' (curated by Jean-Hubert Martin). This occurred via a series of lectures, seminars, workshops and by accessing and researching into the exhibition's archives, held at the Bibliothèque Kandinsky.

I didn't participate in the summer university itself but was very fortunate that a friend who was participating, art historian Adam Jasper, invited me along to the library for a couple of days, where we had the opportunity to proceed through boxes of research material related to the controversial exhibition.

The result is a broadsheet, designed by Syndicat and published by Centre Pompidou (2014), with contributions from all 24 of the Université d'été participants (and some ring-ins like me) in the form of essays, interviews, facsimiles of archival material, poetry, speculation, etc.

To download my text, 'Tribu aborigène des WARLPIRI, Australie: Biennale de Sydney 1982 ?' please click the image below:

Many thanks to Adam Jasper, Mica Gherghescu, Didier Schulmann, Judy Annear, William Wright, and Susan Gibb for all their assistance.

I also pay my respects to the Lajamanu people of Warlpiri country and to their ancestors, past and present.


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