5 February 2007

Karen Walker F/W 07

As you may know I really love this New Zealander's work. Her collections are just epitomecool and extremely wearable which is nice. The pieces are great individually, but they also look fab when teamed together.

I'm a big fan of the casual and easy-going style of Walker's work and it's in a style that I wear A LOT.

This collection is very comfy, but also classy and stylish. I'm loving the boots, balaclavas, beanies and belts! Woo-hoo, alliteration!

Tao - there's not much to be said, only: Perfect Layering. Perfect Colouring. I want this coat, and I want to be somewhere I can actually wear it.
Mariya - love the pants and belt with this glitzy top - what a combo! It's like military combined with disco and the electric-blue vest adds yet another dimension. Tres interessant.
Lesly - I find this look very derivative of Hermes ... and the 1940's. That must be why it appeals to me so.
Mina - what a cute beaniescarf! I really love this jacket/vest/dress thing, too! This outfit is one full of amalgamated looks, it's different while maintaining that staple brown-belt token, which is nice.
Tao - the glitz again! I love that this dress is actually quite formal but it looks caj 'cause of the stockings, boots and bowed beanie. Contrast is king in my books, and this one's full of it.
Eva Helene - one word: BALACLAVA. Please see my post entitled "Odd One Out" in the December '06 archive and go to the sixth picture, you'll see I was a little predictive about this look. "Do it."
Kasia - probably my favourite styling effort of this collection. This whole outfit looks AMAZING. ALthough, I'm a mega sucker for tees, tights and boots. And Red IS my favourite colour ... Despite these prejudices, you'll have to agree, this looks fantabulous!

Pics: style.com


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