31 August 2012

How to Sleep Faster #3 launch!

Maybe you will remember all the way back to 2011 when I posted this about the launch of the first issue of Arcadia_Missa's journal, How to Sleep Faster.

If you don't, not to worry because there is another one happening tonight, Friday 31 August, from 18.00 at Arcadia_Missa's gallery and studio space for by now what is the third issue! It is all happening at Unit 6, Bellenden Road Business Centre, London SE15 4RF.

The launch coincides with the last night of the exhibition WELL featuring artists Helga Wretman and Oliver Jennings. Tonight there will be a screening of Oliver's film 'Muscle Dudes' at 19.30, and Helga will perform 'Fitness for Artists' live with DJ sets by Harry Sanderson (YBT) and Felix Lee.

The journal features a whole array of amazing contributions from:

Amalia Ulman
Rózsa Farkas
Jon Nash
Federico Campagna
Sam Mead
Eleanor Ivory Weber
Katja Novitskova/Harry Burke
Goth Tech
Howard Slater
John Hill
Melika Ngombe Kolongo
Thomas McCarron-Shipman
William Kherbek
Megha Ralapati
Felix Petty
Rob Jump
Hannah Perry
Iain Ball
Emily Jones
Yuri Pattison

I'm very proud to be included in this journal, and with so many great people. Thanks a lot to HtSF's editor, Tom Clark and also to Harry Burke and Rózsa Farkas.

If you're in London tonight, go there and grab a copy! But if you can't make it, the journal will be available to order online, where you can also subscribe (arcadiamissa.com), as well as from selected bookstores in London and elsewhere.


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