25 July 2012

Alun Davies - Dalston Supernovæ

Art director Alun Davies' first solo exhibition is opening tonight, Wednesday 25 July 2012, from 19:00 at Dalston Superstore in London. There will be music, dancing, performances, readings, films, installations, and phenomenal costumes. Alun transforms the Superstore into a shattered glitter-ball wonderland that just has to be seen!

Those in town should head down, but if you can't make the opening the exhibition will run through 9 September 2012 so make sure you check it out (plus word on the street is there will be a closing event to cap it all off).

Though essentially a testament to Alun's own singular vision, this project is also a collaborative affair, as is the case with much of his work. The press release says: 'Friends, lovers and muses contribute their alien DNA, including performer and porn icon Danni Daniels, recording artist Peaches, designer and Vogue Fabrics club owner Lyall Hakaraia, milliner and collaborator Piers Atkinson, stylist Kim Howells, fashion photographer Thomas Cooksey, illustrator Rebecca Rice, curator Eleanor Weber, writer Michael Nottingham, poet Sitron Panopoulos and live artist Owen Parry.'

My own contribution, a text about Alun's work, will be available shortly. For full information and press release, please visit the Dalston Superstore website, or see the Facebook event page.

EDIT: To read my text and a poem by Sitron Panopoulos as well as see pictures of the exhibition and opening event, click this link: alun-davies-rogue.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/dalston-supernov-show.html


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