15 June 2012

I'm With You @ The Hayward Gallery

For those in London this Saturday 16 June 2012, head to the Hayward Gallery at the Southbank Centre for a day-long event organised by the wonderful I'm With You crew (Christa Holka, R. Justin Hunt, Johanna Linsley).

I'm With You is a roaming performance event that has occurred in various locations (gardens, clubs, houses, cliffs, publications, squats and now rooftop domes) since its inception in 2009. I'm With You is intimate and outward reaching, inclusive and queer, challenging and inquisitive, spectacular and pensive. I'm With You is making the attempt, and asking the question.

The event is part of the Hayward's Wide Open School programme that is running 11 June through 11 July 2012. I'm With You features within artist Fritz Haeg's month-long rooftop project, titled the Sundown Schoolhouse of Queer Home Economics.

Throughout the day (commencing at 11.00 in the morning and continuing to 20.30 in the evening) I'm With You @ The Hayward Gallery asks the question: 'how do you make yourself at home?'

In the context of Haeg's project about queer homemaking or queering home economics, all are invited to make themselves at home somehow in the dome structure that Haeg has installed on the Hayward's roof; to enjoy the company, and to experience what is on offer from performers as well as peruse catalogue texts, documents of previous I'm With You events - and maybe even offer something yourself. If nothing else, it's worth just hanging out on the roof for the view, plus visitors are free and encouraged to come and go throughout the proceedings, so it's kind of like a mini festival!

The day will include performances/interventions/texts, both physically and virtually, from artists Season Butler, Becky Cremin, Dragersize!, Foodgasm (Sam Icklow & Liz Rosenfeld), Four Second Decay, Warren Garland, Alison Henry, ASM Kobayashi, Brian Lobel, Lola & Stephen (Eirini Kartsaki & Owen Parry), Jan Mertens, Mysti, Dan Paz, Hannes Ribarits, Sophie Robinson, Benjamin Sebastian, Jungmin Song, Lois Weaver, Eleanor Weber, as well as the organisers themselves.

I have a text being included in the catalogue, which can be 'ordered' from during the day. It is encouraged to be read out loud by anyone interested, and for an audience of your choosing. For more information on the whole event and ticket details (£10 on the day), visit this link. So worth it!

EDIT: To read my text please go to the following link and download the PDF: http://imwithyouclapton.wordpress.com/2012/06/23/evidence-iwy9-k-me-on-a-rainy-day/


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