4 May 2012

Quote of the day, yay!

'How, then, do love and sexual jouissance relate? Although sexual jouissance is inherently masturbatory and idiotic, isolating me - the core of my subjectivity - from my partner, reducing the partner to an instrument (of my jouissance), it does not hold that, for this reason, I must renounce sexual jouissance in order to assert my love for the other. On the contrary, it is precisely such a renunciation which is, as a rule, a fake, a stratagem masking some unacknowledged jouissance (there is nothing more elementary than the jouissance provided by renouncing pleasures in sacrificing oneself for the other). For that reason, perhaps the ultimate proof of love for the other is that I am ready to share with the other the very heart of my masturbatory idiotic jouissance.'

-- Slavoj Žižek, Vertigo: The Drama of a Deceived Platonist, 2003


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