13 April 2012

I.C.A.N. Occupy's EIDIA

Those in New York, head to Plato's Cave at EIDIA, Williamsburg, for I.C.A.N. Occupy's EIDIA, including work by Sydney-based artist Alex Gawronski.

I.C.A.N. is a contemporary art space located in Camperdown (Sydney) and directed by Carla Cescon, Scott Donovan and Alex Gawronski. The latest project has been a mutual occupation: EIDIA has been Occupy-ing I.C.A.N. since 23 March and now I.C.A.N. Occupy's EIDIA.

The Williamsburg leg runs 13 April through 12 May 2012 at 14 Dunham Place, Brooklyn, NY 11211. The opening reception will be held on Saturday 14 April from 13-18h.


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