24 March 2012

Let's Die Together

Check this great blog I came across recently of artist Boo Saville:


Boo writes that 'this blog explores how our idea of death exists on the internet as a shared event. It is a collection of images, poems, literature, video, journalism and art.'

Some very nice death-related posts!

And on that note, there is a lovely song by the ever-lovely Molly Nilsson called 'I Hope You Die' which seems somewhat apropos to Boo's blog and to recent musings generally. Have a listen:

Molly writes: 'Sometimes I don't understand you / You're the abstract art / In my modern museum / And maybe sometimes we fall apart / But the ruins of my heart / Stands like the colosseum ...

I know you think I'm morbid / When I say ... Maybe it's all ages away / But I can't help but think of the day ...'


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