29 May 2012

Doing Becoming Being @ TCB art Inc.

Opening tomorrow evening, Wednesday 30 May 2012, from 18:00 is an exhibition at TCB art Inc. titled Doing Becoming Being, curated by artists Tully Arnot and Charles Dennington.

The curators write: 'Through an experimental understanding of invention, a post-rationalised (and often irrational) attribution of function to existing objects, structures and relationships, is used in an attempt to radically reinvent ways of thinking and engaging with space and form.

Doing Becoming Being proposes the invention as a solution which comes into existence intuitively. An invention or tool that enhances an aspect of life or describes a tangential solution which is only part function and through its tone unique to art.'

The show features artworks by Ariel Schlesinger, Christine Sun Kim and Virginia Overell, as well as Arnot and Dennington themselves. TCB is at Level 1, 12 Waratah Place, Melbourne, and the show runs through Saturday 16 June 2012.

I have written a text that will be included in a small publication that accompanies the exhibition. To read more about the show's concept or for more info in general, visit tcbartinc.org.au/doing-becoming-being.

Even better: if you're in town, go see the show!


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