17 July 2012

My Soul At Work for THCBTP chapbook series

Back in the days before I learned how to embed a PDF in a blog-post (thanks, Marian), I wrote My Soul at Work: Following Bifo with the help of Depeche Mode. This was published in issue #2 of Lisa Lerkenfeldt's wonderful broadsheet New Planes Public Press, which I wrote about here.

As I mentioned in that blog-post, the text was also published in slightly revised form as part of The Haircut Before the Party's chapbook series. 'More on that later', I said. Well, finally, we have arrived at that 'later'.

Please click on the image below to download a PDF (or here) of the text as published in THCBTP's chapbook, the format is A6 and the cover is made from a woodcut print:

Thank you so much to Richard Houguez and Lewis Bassett of THCBTP, who made this text into such a beautiful object.


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