1 August 2012


For those in London who are indifferent to that big sporting event going on but are otherwise of a curious nature, head to Past Vyner Street tomorrow night, Thursday 2 August 2012, from 20:00 for OBSTRUKTIONIST III.

OBSTRUKTIONIST is an ongoing project, curated by Laurence Wagner, Nicolas Brulhart and Adeena Mey, that has so far occurred in Fribourg and Lausanne in June and July 2012 respectively. The next edition, in London, continues OBSTRUKTIONIST's enquiry into utopian spaces and the audio/visual divide.

For a brief idea of what's going on, the press release reads: 'Using the “Search by image” tool on Google, the contributing artists have been asked to research, select and collect series of images that relate to the idea of a utopian space, tackling the frontiers of ownership and dispossession of images as enacted by the search engine. Can such a space be created? Who owns its representation? Can we claim this imaginary back?'

For full information and address details, vistit: pastvynerstreet.net/wordpress or obstruktionist.tumblr.com


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