7 August 2012


Hey London! Tomorrow night, Wednesday 8 August 2012, there is a must-see screening happening at Cell Project Space from 7-8pm!

NOW SHOWING: AUSTERITY MEASURES is a film programme curated by João Laia and Andrey Shental that investigates the role austerity plays as a political tool and the consequent ways it has been used creatively by artists working with moving image.

Invoking Hito Steyerl's notion of 'lumpen proletarian' visual imagery and internet byproducts, the curators write that NOW SHOWING seeks to 'criticize the pristine visuality of mainstream culture in a tongue-in-cheek manner. It can be read as a parody of the recessional aesthetics of the new conservative measures as well as a critique of the previous liberal policies that stimulated a high-paced consumerism and that ultimately led to the present state of affairs.'

The approximately 50 minute screening includes films from: James Corbett, Jean-Luc Godard, Ilya Korobkov, Oliver Laric, Daniel Lopatin, Jesse McLean, Takeshi Murata, Jean-Gabriel Périot, James Richards, Chooc Ly Tan.

As Laia and Shental explain, many of the artists included work with 'poor materials and marginal techniques (e.g. low-res found footage, visual and sonic noise, compression, reformatting, repetition and web camera recordings) ... these works are examples of new filmic languages and textures that use and reflect contemporary visual imaginary and social contexts becoming an artistic response against the commercialisation and institutionalisation of digital arts and the internet.'

Be sure to check it out, but if you can't make the London screening,
NOW SHOWING: AUSTERITY MEASURES will also be shown at video festivals in Riga and Lisbon this northern summer.

For more information on everything, visit: cellprojects.org/content/austerity-measures


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