23 July 2010


Jack Dunbar is a Sydney-based photographer and graphic designer whose contribution to parataxis comprised three beautiful prints.

Jack works not only across both photography and graphics but also collaboratively with other photographers and artists through the website Jane Doe, and on various curatorial projects of his own.

Jack's photographs were a very important part of parataxis as he was one of the first artists to get on board and was incredibly supportive. These three prints are large scale Xerox prints from experimentations made in the darkroom with double exposure and by manipulating the printing process itself. They were hung with tape from the top only, allowing the paper's natural curve to emphasise the sense of texture inherent in the images themselves.

I love the indeterminacy of these images as representations. They seem to implore us to see something in them while pushing us away from any definite 'discovery' of image or meaning. They seem to float in and out of saying and not-saying, showing and not-showing, uniting figurative and non-figurative in one 'great parataxis'. Many thanks, Jack!


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