6 July 2010

Quote of the day, yay!

"'When I had that little seizure, Doc Tatum told me, frankly, if the seizure had affected the left part of the brain instead of the right, I should have been mentally and permanently afflicted.' The Judge's voice had dropped with awe and horror. 'Can you imagine living in such a condition?'
Sherman could: 'I knew a man who had a stroke and it left him blind and with a mind like a two-year-old baby. The country home wouldn't even accept him. Not even the asylum. I don't know what happened to him finally. Probably died.'
'Well, nothing like that happened to me. I was just left with a slight motor impairment ... just the left arm and leg, ever so slightly damaged ... but the mind intact. So I reasoned to myself: Fox Clane, ought you to cuss God, cuss the heavenly elemets, cuss destiny, because of that little old impairment which didn't really bother me anyhow, or ought I to praise God, the elements, nature and destiny because I have nothing wrong with me, my mind being sound? For after all, what is a little arm, what's a leg, if the mind is sound and the spirit joyful. So I said to myself: Fox Clane, you better praise and keep on praising.'"

- from Clock Without Hands (1961) by Carson McCullers


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:) Well put, K

06 July, 2010 04:34  

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