9 June 2010

I'm with you

... and everything is happening.

The wonderful beings of Clapton are putting on their third I'm with you performance event this Saturday 12 June. It will be held across three Lower Clapton gardens from 15:00 to 20:00, which gives you plenty of time to hop from Glyn to Mayola to Powerscroft and back again!

I'm with you three will feature the work of more than a dozen artists, including Alun Davies, Christa Holka, Johanna Linsley, Jan Mertens, Owen Parry, Herbert De Colle & Hannes Ribarits, Olivier Ruellet, Roberto Sánchez-Camus and Maria Theodoraki.

After their two successes in October 2009 and February 2010, June 2010 is set to be the third installment of a project that uses the resources available - houses, gardens, streets, friendship, connections, trust - to create a new kind of space. One that is generous, open, experimental, free and germinative - not only in terms of fostering new work but also for forging community.

The 'neighbourhood' feel of the I'm with you project is one thing that makes it really special and it's exciting to see the team branching out and pushing for new codes. For what could 'neighbourhood' possibly mean in 2010? With almost as many 'nationalities' as people participating and with the internet connecting everyone into one big rhizomatic network (including those unable to attend and those who submit work electronically), perhaps I'm with you stands for the potential of neighbourhood in 2010.

Organisers Christa Holka, R. Justin Hunt and Johanna Linsley are not pinning anything down. They say: 'We’re starting to think it has something to do with weirdness, if weird could mean collapsing contingency, necessity, function and awareness. Not quite, but not unrelated to, ‘queer’. We go into someone else’s house and we think: how did it get this way?'

Website: imwithyouclapton.wordpress.com

EDIT: Schedule is up:


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