31 May 2010


Ex_trendy are Robbie Ho and Matte Rochford. They played a fantastic set for parataxis on 22 October 2009 at Serial Space.

I'm pretty terrible at describing music and 'the live' proves ever-more difficult to pin down with words, but let's just say the first time I saw ex_Trendy perform was at a party held at the place I live in Sydney and they were great (the picture below is one I took that night).

Having moved from London and generally feeling pretty homesick, it was seeing and hearing ex_Trendy perform that made me feel like I'd finally landed in Sydney. Finally found. I don't know why, but I really think it was then that I realised there are people to connect with wherever you are, it's just a matter of being open (and patient, and willing) enough to find them; open to the possibility they might pop up when you least expect it; open to being alone on a wavve until someone decides to drop in on or converge with you - or you decide to take your wavve in their direction. Either way, Matte and Robbie excited me and I introduced myself straight after their set that night.

I saw them play again at the - now, sadly, shut-down - Hopetoun Hotel at one of the last gigs of that (in)famous Sydney pub and we made plans for the parataxis event (unfortunately, I've no pictures of their performance). I'm really grateful to Matte and Robbie - who each have individual practises as well as their collaboration - both for their involvement with parataxis and for their friendship and generosity.

Stay tuned, ex_Trendy should be launching a CD later in the year.


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