4 April 2010

After Saul Leiter ...

... before I knew of him.

Funnily, I had already seen Leiter's work a few times, including on this postcard a friend had affixed to her pin-board (second from right, below), which I photographed in early 2009 - around the same time as I took '48 Nails', above.

It wasn't until late 2009, when I found a Leiter book in another friend's bookshelf, that everything 'clicked'; that I realised who he was and remembered the postcard on the pin-board.

It took until today, whilst going through old pics and happening to find this '48 Nails' image, for me to understand that I had indeed taken it after Saul Leiter, but before I knew it - l'apr├Ęs coup. Geoff Dyer would have something to say about that, I'm sure ...


Blogger Timothy Schenck said...

Saul is the MAN! His work is amazing.

16 April, 2010 04:22  

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