12 June 2009

28 mai

On Thursday 28 May 2009 in Paris an exposition and live action, produced and directed by Anastasia Freygang, was held to spread vision and bring people together. This is the flyer, designed by Anastasia:

The event incorporated film, music, photography, performance, and words. There was a publication produced in conjunction with the event, which contains the work of writers, photographers, artists and musicians.

Anastasia and I made a film in Berlin and Paris in January which was screened, accompanied by the beautiful sounds of Chris Immel on piano.

Appaloosa played and their lead singer, Anne-Laure Keib, wrote a wonderful piece for the publication. Mimi Merengue of Cache Cache Cache also played. Photographers Jonathan Hallam and Lucas Liccini contributed works. Paul Hance and Fleurs Du Chaos wrote beautiful texts for the publication.

There was also a display of Anastasia's photographs, which can be seen on her blog, the accompanying text was written by yours truly.

I apologise in advance for the shameless self promotion but I am very proud of what Anastasia has created and continues to create, and am super glad to be involved with these projects. Plus, I also think these things are worth talking about.

These are the people who need to be thanked:

Lastly, Anastasia also wrote some beautiful poetry for the publication, which really needs to be repeated. She calls 'for us to unite / rather than fit to fit / and measure to exist / there is a chance, / for our generation / to stand up for the soulful, artistic, / expressive and deep yet realistic / for the thinking rather than the showing off / blanc faces i forgive you / for the others NOW it is time to move'.

[All pics courtesy of 28 mai publication and Anastasia Freygang.]


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