8 February 2007

Marc Jacobs F/W 07

Marc Jacobs est toujours l'epitome du style. Chaque saison il nous donne un defile plus exceptionelle que le derniere.

Does that make sense? Well, you get my drift. Marc Jacobs is rad. His collections are fab.

This one is no exception. It is very structured, yet there is this interesting dichotomy between the very feminine - big hats, dainty gloves and glittery fabrics - and the very masculine - slouchy pants, tailored vests and detailed collars and sleeves. I find that fascinating.

It is this fascinating element, always apparent in Jacobs' work, that makes his collections so astounding.

I'm also really loving the chequered runway - it's almost an optical illusion.


Ines - in theory, this should be the biggest fashion faux pas in history, but it really works! The black fur and sequined skirt are teamed exquisitely with the classic-looking gloves and hat. How lovely!
Irina - I'm loving the rocker sentiment that's associated with this ensemble, but what's intriguing me is how the sequins and bright gloves and necklace are seriously undermining that sentiment. In a good way. Love it.
Caroline - can't go wrong with black. This velvet number is stunning, but the sash and hat make the outfit. Class.
Laragh - OK, I ADORE this dress, it is the cutest thing since sliced bread, but is anyone else getting a massive Miu Miu ss07 vibe? Nothing wrong with that at all, just putting it out there.
Iselin - this is fabulous, and captivated my attention immediately. The colours work wonderfully together and the layers are perfectly executed. I'm also loving the collar and cuffs.
Zosia - another one of those great collars! I'm loving the blue-hair because coloured hair is usally seen in such a grunge way and this is completely reversing that association because the outfit is so structured and elegant. I love things that make one think.
Daiane - I love that these patterns should clash but don't. It's great. Also the dimensions and proportions of this outfit are wonderful. I like where the belt is sitting, that the jumper is long and that this outfit, while being different, maintains those key elements - collar, hat, cuffs.
Sofi - usually not a fan of the shorts-over-tights look, but this actually works. Also really love this vest and the geometrical pattern on it, plus this hat is amazing and matches perfectly.

(Pics courtesy of style.com)


Anonymous Kimberley said...

Don't you just love that sleek, androgynous styling so reminiscent of the best of the 20s and 30s? Slicked back hair, glorious fluid fabrics, fabulous patterns and loads of attitude....;if only I was 20 again! My style has finally arrived.

12 February, 2007 09:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


13 February, 2007 14:01  

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