15 February 2007

Christopher Kane A/W 07

Woo hoo! Kane's back! And I'm loving it!

MAN, he is COOL! I fell in love with his S/S 07 collection (as, I guess, most people did, given the phenomenal reaction to it) and this one is just as amazing.

With his last collection's MASSIVE success, there was, undoubtedly, a lot of pressure on Mr. Kane to impress with his winter show, too.

And, well ... HE'S DONE IT! This collection maintains that rigid, well-fitted, exaggerated-detail aesthetic which became apparent in his last collection, and translates that beautifully into a winter collection.

There is so much here that would just be AMAZING to wear. The garments look incredibly dense, like they'd weigh a fair bit. This is appealing to me. In fact, the whole collection mixes the very-wearable element with the almost couture-y element - I love that!

Alyona - sleek, sleek, sleek. Capitalising on the ever-popular leggings trend, Kane has made these super-sleek trousers and teamed them with this smashingly handsome cropped jacket. It almost looks like it's made of metal - I wanna touch it. Wearable but avant-garde.
Kasia - did someone say Granny-jumper? Well, this one is super-adapted. It's a dress! The diamante buttons just make this number and the gloves tie in that structured-leather theme. Love the pseudo-pockets, too!
Olga - this crushed velvet is the most stunning colour! This is an outfit fit for a queen! The jewels! The leather! And the velvet! It's all so regal. And yet, there is this underpinning PUNK ROCK feeling to it! Woo hoo!
Suvi - glitter and sparkles! It's so cool! This top is very fitted and tailored, which contrasts to it's fabric, which is always great (contrast, that is). This belt is also really awesome, and versatile!
Sofi - Man, this is one cool jacket! This styling is so appealing, that stunning pale-blue (still maintaing that pocket-design and jewelled buttons) over the crisp black is tied in (literally and metaphorically) by that glorious belt. It's extra-ly awesome that this number looks great as an ensemble, but each piece would work in a multitude of ways by itself, too. RAD.
Bruna - a classic Kane: short, highly-structured, beautiful fabric, great styling and maintains the collection's aesthetic. This dress is simply beautiful. And in my favourite colour. How divine! PS. I'm getting an almost Victorian feeling about that neckline, which is great considering the length of this dress ...
Daiane - again with the lovely, lovely, yet punky rock dresses! This one combines Kane's two key fabrics (velvet and leather) and his key details (jewels and gloves) to create a collection-defining piece. Fantastique!
Kinga - I love that, although this collection is predominantly black, the colours that have been used are all fabulous. This is no exception. This pinafore-style dress looks really comfy, and supercute over the long-sleeved top. Very classy, but also very usable in that it can be dressed up or down.

PS. The hair and makeup are sensational in this - perfectly executed.

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