2 July 2009

Duckie's Gay Shame 2009

For 2009, Gay Shame goes girly! And thank goodness for that!

After last year's 'Macho Shame', one would be forgiven for thinking the fun was reserved solely for the boys. Not so: Now the Duckie gang have gone full circle and are hosting 'a Festival of Femininity'. Brava!

The event happens this Saturday night, 4 July, at the O2 Academy in Brixton, London, and will expose some of the city's most exciting performance artists going girly for Shame. Ranging from the established (Lois Weaver), via the trendy (Scottee), to the emerging (Mitch & Parry), the variety of artists and shows means that there is bound to be something for everyone, even if you only go to dance to the amazing music of Saint Etienne and Readers Wifes.

According to the website (where you can also download the amazing 'Pro-Femme' bootleg mix to get your toes tapping), this is 'the last ever Gay Shame', which means it's your last chance to experience the unique playground of interactive art, creative rebellion and tongue-in-cheek celebration that is Gay Shame. Plus, tickets are only £15 if you book in advance!

By the way, here's a couple not to miss: Johanna Linsley's Hysterical, Now! and Sheila Ghelani's Nurse Knows Best.

For a night of art, dancing, performance and fun, do check out Gay Shame going girly. Dress code: First ladies, fairies, debutantes, dandies, brides, spinsters, sissies, suffragettes, etc., etc. It is a party! Go, dance!


Blogger Owen G Parry said...

im so glad she arrived. after flat packing her, i wasn't sure she was going to make it!
The evening was a ball...what can i say...flick. xsta!
love ux

08 July, 2009 01:09  
Blogger Owen G Parry said...

i meant...see xsta's flickr. not flick xsta!

08 July, 2009 01:10  
Blogger Nor said...

thank you !

visit : http://www.flickr.com/photos/christaholka

great pics.


08 July, 2009 09:48  
Blogger xta said...

thanks for the plug, lovers.

08 July, 2009 15:26  

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