16 June 2009


I'm sorry Calvin Klein, I'm sorry Francisco Costa, but you'll have to move down the page today.

Irving Penn was born on 16 June 1917, which makes it his ninety-second birthday (as in 92nd, not 90 second) today. We over here are large Penn fans so it's a real treat to see his work on RRN.

Unfortunately, I can't post some of my favourite Penn portraits (Charles & Barbara Addams, Janet Flanner, Robert Casadesus & family) because I don't have reproductions of them, but maybe you'll see them one day and know what I mean. Anyway, it's no problem because there are so many other amazing Penn pictures, four of which are below.

What is your favourite Penn?

Irving Penn, 1944
by John Rawlings

12 Beauties, 1947
by Irving Penn

Jean Cocteau, 1948
by Irving Penn

Colette, 1951
by Irving Penn

Dress by Alix (detail), photographed by Irving Penn in 1977 for Inventive Paris Clothes 1909-1939 by Diana Vreeland

Happy birthday, Mr. Penn.


Blogger Billy Kidd said...

Irving Penn has always been an inspiration to me. 3 years back i read an interview Vogue had with him. He said he was still learning... if he is still learning, i have a long way to go. He keeps me humble.

23 June, 2009 20:40  
Blogger preppygoesrock said...

its amazing how other people live life this long and still be amazing in their craft...
check out my blog:

24 June, 2009 03:25  

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